About upLegal

Up Legal Group is a leading family law and insurance defence firm in British Columbia. We pride ourselves on providing high quality, efficient and timely legal services to our clients with respect to high complexity claims. We support and encourage the use of full and thorough negotiations prior to trial. Our lawyers have participated in innumerable mediations, a large proportion of which have resulted in settlements. When settlement cannot be achieved, we are prepared to proceed to trial and we are proud of the results we’ve attained.

We handle the most complex legal files, including mild traumatic brain injuries, moderate and severe traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, chronic pain, thoracic outlet syndrome and psychological injuries. We also handle appeal files, files with technical issues involving coverage and interpretation of the Insurance (Vehicle) Act and Regulation, files with Limitation Act, release or fraud issues, and files involving the implied undertaking of confidentiality of prior claims materials.